HC Verma Foundation Science Physics Class 10 (2020-21 Edition)

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Foundation ScienceĀ is based on the CBSE syllabus. It is designed to give a clear understanding of science. Wherever possible, activities, experiments and additional exploratory material have been given. The questions at the end of each lesson and in the question bank are of various types. The exercises, the additional exploratory material and the suggested activities meet the requirements of CCE.

156 reviews for HC Verma Foundation Science Physics Class 10 (2020-21 Edition)

  1. Hina Aurora

    Best book for class 10 physics……

  2. Varun Ravel

    Best book for class10 physics ???? It include all chapters and topic of NCERT. Explaination is in very simple language. Main focus is on conceptual learning. Questions at the end of chapter covers whole chapter. Questions are in proper format:- Very – short Answer Question (.5,1 mark) Short Answer Question (1,2 mark) Long Answer Question (3,4 mark) Numericls (1,2,3,4 mark) Book is also provided with a question bank at the end

  3. Falguni Neerendra Deep

    Best book as concepts explanation is excellent and practice questions are also of best standard required for class 10.

  4. Mohan Chandran

    Very nice book. It has clear explanations in simple language. I would recommend this book

  5. Sara Bhasin

    Great read as far as theory is concerned. As usual HC VERMA is a book in its own unique way. Also MCQs, short type questions, numericals, summary and all that which makes it a MUST READ

  6. Abdul Lata

    hc verma as usual at his best …all physics book by him are at their best level

  7. Devika Gulzar Oak


  8. Tushar Suraj Jhaveri

    Very good book of physics.If you will read this book you will find it some thing different.Author has connected our daily life incident to physics and this make this book much easier to understand. Must buy…..

  9. Nagma Biswas

    Useful for those students who are planning to opt science after in 11th standard.

  10. Saurabh Chatterjee

    Each concepts descriped precisely… excellent??

  11. Neela Manpreet Gole

    Well explained theories!!! it’s good for both board exam as well as for further competitive exams.

  12. Kalpit Basak

    Eccentric reference for GSEB students as Gujarat board has implemented CBSE curriculum from academic year 2020-2020.

  13. Animesh Rana

    This is the best book for clearing concepts. It defines some topics very clearly which is not available on other books. For gaining more and more knowledge and also for building concepts on numerical you can go for it.

  14. Gauransh Prasad Dhar

    Easy to understand concepts

  15. Mukul Grover

    Very good book every body must go through this

  16. David Sodhani

    Mind blowing piece of physics from Dr.HC Verma. This book is deep,very conceptual and precise. No ambiguity. Very thin. But, not for people who want many numericals. Good for boards, simple olympiads.

  17. Mehul Prasad Rajagopalan

    Simple language along with short and to the point explanation

  18. Indrani Sandal

    Very well priced and excellent book for physics lovers well explained concepts Easy to hardest numericals and all derivation explained in this book quite well

  19. Shobha Pandit

    Excellent book

  20. Rupal Agate

    i bought it just due name on the front page sir h.c verma but its just ok not good not bad

  21. Koushtubh Aayushman Pradhan

    Fully based on concepts and contains very good questions. Good for boards as well as competition

  22. David Subramaniam

    Good book

  23. Sameera Ahluwalia

    Book relevant for class 10 as calculus is not included. For higher standards go for HCV concepts of physics.

  24. Jamshed Kumar Dash


  25. Govind Ram Sandal

    Good book

  26. Naresh Chandra Chaudhary

    Brilliant book with Rock strong concepts

  27. Bagwati Bhola Sunder

    I had got is brilliant quality of book.No any folding, teared or damaged.I am happy.Thanks bookadorn to give me this book safely.I am satisfied…

  28. Aditya Nagar

    The extra content related to Olympiads for which I purchased this book, seems insufficient to me as compare to other publisher books

  29. Sameera Ganguly

    Every thing was good from packaging to the quality of book

  30. Somnath Chaudhari

    This book has wonderful explanation with diagrams

  31. Kalyan Mowgli Bhatia


  32. Namita Varghese

    I love it

  33. Manjari Bose


  34. Virat Sehgal

    The book is very useful with explanations in very simple language. I recommend this book to every student.

  35. Usman Trivedi

    The overall product is good but you should deliver it for safely

  36. Aarif Anne

    This book cover all the concept in ncert and also it has many practical question

  37. Isha Aditya Bora


  38. Chand Mohan Trivedi

    Good for NEET and jee foundation

  39. Rakhi Char

    Written in Very Lucid Language Had All type of illustrations Book Must Buy !!!

  40. Riddhi Devendra Vasa

    Was waiting for it ..a must to read buk for students

  41. Nitika Basak

    Excellent book to learn fundamentals of physics. Easy to understand with illustrations.

  42. Anand Dutt


  43. Sweta Bala

    Best book

  44. Pravin Sule

    Good for information

  45. Aadil Kapur

    Best book ever for physics beyond my expectations. Explanation in very simple language!

  46. Raj Prasad

    It is one of the best reference book for physics .it is available for all classes.

  47. Neerendra Kumar Savant

    Nice book with conceptual theory.but the amount of problems is quite less

  48. Jawahar Som

    good book with good no of numerical problems.

  49. Rashid Daanish Wason

    Nice book, very nice, concept clearing book.

  50. Amir Ravi

    This is one of the best book that can help to concrete the concepts

  51. Leelawati Mohabir


  52. Seema Subhash Talwar

    Very nice book

  53. Kamini Ramroop

    happy with them

  54. Sweta Narayan

    Nice book. I received the latest edition

  55. Mohanlal Ram Dora

    Excellent content a must buy book for class 10 students

  56. Chitra Dad

    Good book.

  57. Monica Goyal

    Excellent explanations

  58. Qabeel Kunda


  59. Neha Mangal

    Very good book

  60. Somnath Dash

    Excellent to service of students. Excellent work.

  61. Animesh Ram Bora

    Nice book

  62. Rashid Mehra

    Must read

  63. Shweta Talwar

    very nice book….

  64. Ghalib Singh Sem

    Small words big meaning BRILLIANT BOOK

  65. Yamini Bala

    Worth reading books for a better introduction

  66. Chinmay Raj

    Good reference book.

  67. Aarif Contractor

    Essential for who seek to learn clearly about class 10 portions

  68. Yasmin Sumit Sanghvi

    Perfect and useful

  69. Urmi Baria


  70. Nutan Nawab, Bandi

    Nice book

  71. Padmini Aayushman Chatterjee

    gud one…

  72. Nawab, Raj Amin

    Book is amazing must have for a children

  73. Chhavi Mathur

    Superb book…I am greatly pleased..

  74. Bahadur Morar

    Really good book

  75. Sai Kumar Parsa

    The book is very good.

  76. Aniruddh Usman

    good book

  77. Krishna Sheth


  78. Aditya Mutti

    Very good quality of pages.

  79. Vivek Prasad Pandya


  80. Ruchi Amin

    An amazing book for class 10th

  81. Bishnu Pall

    Best explanation

  82. Sirish Rao Sehgal

    As usual hc Verma books are best

  83. Yamini Philip

    Good book but in bad condition.

  84. Amrit Kumar Baria

    Good content

  85. Riya Binod Ravi

    a must buy

  86. Taahid Prasad Saran

    A good book for the price.

  87. Baber Pratap Usman

    Best book

  88. Geetanjali Parikh

    Same good theory

  89. Balaji Anne


  90. Chameli Talwar

    very good

  91. Fatima Biswas

    Very good book , good question

  92. Kanika Rajagopal

    Great book.

  93. Ujwal Menon

    Good book

  94. Mohanlal Narain


  95. Nidhi Anees Somani

    Excellent book

  96. Ajeet Khan

    You should try

  97. Jamshed Patil

    Awesome And A Great Book

  98. Hemendra Natarajan

    Best book

  99. Kartik Rao Prabhu

    Good for revision

  100. Harbhajan Mogul


  101. Deepesh Sohail Dial

    Must for class ten students

  102. Chitra Master

    As expected

  103. Emran Lal Bose

    2 Good book

  104. Amrita Baber Ghose


  105. Nilam Anil Bhat


  106. Ambika Sawhney


  107. Ratan Bhatt

    All time hc verma is best..

  108. Mini Surya Mammen

    Nice book for the class

  109. Hira Babu

    Good book

  110. Kalpit Rampersad

    Ever thing is covers in good way

  111. Aishwarya Lata

    Very good book…..precise.. To the point

  112. Himani Labeen Krishnan

    Nice book..

  113. Amrit Pratap Narasimhan

    HC Verma Sir, a master piece in physics.

  114. Nishtha Narayan

    Very helpful

  115. Nancy Khurana

    Nice Book

  116. Abhishek Nori


  117. Mehul Ajeet Kumar


  118. Devendra Vasa

    Avery good book

  119. Sunita Butala

    Nyc one

  120. Chitranjan Sangha

    very good book

  121. Eddie Uday Inani


  122. Rahim Grewal


  123. Rahim Virk

    This book is good for cbse students. Pretty good.

  124. Rita Sharad Pal

    It is really good but Contents is too little based on CBSE syllabus contents are based on reflection,light , electricity and electromagnetism. If u want a easy one buy this or else a good one u can buy pearson foundation course.

  125. Nalini Mander

    Its is really very effective and it is a self explanatory book. This book is more than enough to clear all your concepts and scoring good marks in your school as well as other competitive exams

  126. Richa Baral

    Better than state books helpful book for 10th students make you free time to read the book it will boost your confidence and build your basics truley helpful book

  127. Afreen Prabhu

    its really helpfull………. i recomend it to every gud student…u jst need concentration while reading dis book that is enough each and every concept is covered nicely……its even helpfull for NTSE.

  128. Vijayent Mohit Divan

    Good Product, there was an issue but the seller dealt it with amicably.

  129. Brock Pratap Pingle

    Awesome book..everything is explained well…and there are many questions for practice

  130. Indira Ramson

    Excellent book. Extremly good content. And most important much better than S.Chand Physics by Lakhmeer Singh and Manjeet Kaur. Really a must have book for 10th std. Students.

  131. Darpan Ram Gopal Shankar

    Useful book for students. thanks

  132. Eddie Prasad Thakur

    Excellent book for the students

  133. Varun Raman

    Very good product and perfect for board exams of 10

  134. Sabina Doctor


  135. Kamini Masih

    A good aqppetiser for physics hungry students!

  136. Abbas Guha

    good book

  137. Parminder Kanda

    Good book with excellent explanation

  138. Kasturba Feroz Sengupta


  139. Binita Vohra


  140. Balaji Mehta

    Mindblowing book. It is wowsome and it makes a foundation for jee advance

  141. Navami Chia

    Awesome book Every topic is explained very well….

  142. Naseer Lal Pandit


  143. Komal Chopra

    I have purchased this book for my son. At first I must mention that I am a very small person to judge the quality of a book written by Dr. Verma. I just want to mention that if you are willing to study text book then just don’t look any further. Secondly one thing astonished me that the price of this book and quality of paper. We don’t even get a magazine at INR. 125 , forget a physics book written by any writer. I don’t know how publisher is providing such a good book at such a low price. Anyway I just want suggest that anyone who is interested in class 10 physics then this book is must for you. Please also purchase other two ( bio and chem ) . Hardly few hundred rupees in total. Worth spending.

  144. Marlo Ratan Naik

    It’s a excellent book with a very easy Language so that students can understand it easily. It is by far best book according to me to understand concepts very well, at this price it is even better than S.Chand. Another book written by Sir HC Verma that is a masterpiece in itseft. Although I recommend you strongly to purchase another good question bank with it as it doesn’t have that many questions of wide variety, I recommend you to purchase together with question bank with it as it has very good and broad variety of questions. I have even posted some of the pictures of this book by HC Verma. This book, at a price of 88 rupees is a very good choice. It will strengthen your base very well. But as I said, you will have to purchase a good question bank with it, I once again strongly recommend together with question bank to be purchased with it. And a special thanks to bookadorn for a very good and fast delivery at this much cheap price. All the best.??

  145. Vivek Ben

    This book is entirely based on CBSE syllabus. Don’t ever think of using the book as reference book if you are studying for ICSE.

  146. Habib Chandra Balasubramanian

    I have not received bill of my purchase . The book is awesome …. It contains huge amount knowledge .

  147. Indrani Anees Agrawal

    Good for learning very less prices than schand 480

  148. Abhishek Rastogi

    Guys this book is so nice the contents are clear and it is in simple language and I recommend you to follow this book??????????

  149. Jagruti Umar Deshmukh

    Very very nice for basic foundation preparation

  150. Binoya Bava

    Concept filter

  151. Wafiq Jhaveri


  152. Madhavi Gandhi

    Nice explain????????

  153. Riddhi Aayushman Sagar

    Very useful book

  154. Hari Modi

    2 Very good book.

  155. Baldev Ganesan

    Good book for class 10 CBSE students……..but going through the NCERT first will make this more easy…….at this price it is a very very good book for beter reference

  156. Mowgli Somani

    Good product

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