RD Sharma Class 10 Maths (2020-21 Edition)

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This textbook of Mathematics will be of great help for those students who will be appearing for their Class 10 Examinations. Difficult sums have been explained in the simplest way so that students can grasp the same easily. The revised edition is based on the guidelines provided by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). penned by Rd Sharma, this book contains all the formulae, equations and theorem elucidated in simple, easy to understand format.

Salient features of this book: The entire syllabus has been divided into two categories for the benefits of the students. Category 1 includes the 1st seven (7) chapters and category 2 comprises chapters 8 to 16. This textbook covers the latest syllabus prescribed in keeping with the CCE guidelines by CBSE.

29 reviews for RD Sharma Class 10 Maths (2020-21 Edition)

  1. Isha Ratan Mannan

    This book shows many sums other than sums which are in NCERT book. Each and every sums are from old questions papers. At last, my suggestion is to go for it.

  2. Kirti Dutt

    Everything in this book is included from: 1). NCERT BOOK QUESTIONS 2). NCERT EXEMPLAR QUESTIONS 3). CBSE BOARD QUESTIONS 4). MODAL SAMPLE PAPER QUESTIONS 5). DERIVATIONS 6). PROOF A COMPLETE PACKAGE….. Really appreciate it, I truly Recommend to every 10th Class Student…..

  3. Mohan Mutti

    R.D Sharma is way better than R.S Aggarwal.Even the teachers who set the question papers use only R.D SHARMA. R.S Aggarwal is also good.This book had got many problems to solve.It is a very good book.It is the best book for preparing for maths board exams.I would suggest all the class 10 students to use R.D Sharma.

  4. Usha Kari

    I like this product. Best book. Cbse prescribed rd sharma if you use this book. You can not need any exemplar book, ncert book, all questions of ncert and cbse include.

  5. Kalpit Bharat Deshpande

    Only book is there in the delivery.

  6. Binod Tank

    This book by RD Sharma is immensely helpful for acing Board exams. The explaination of concepts is very good and in coherent manner . The quality of questions for practice are also remarkable. Also in this book the author has given solved questions from previous board exams and other exams. This book is also helpful for various other competitve examinations like SSC,NDA,IBPS etc. The quality of Ink and paper used is very good. The font size is also normal. Plus it is cheap and in discounted price when one buys it from bookadorn. SPECIFICATIONS: Book : Mathematics 10th Author : RD Sharma Public. : Dhanpat Rai Year : 2020 Lang. : English

  7. Ganesh Krishna Thaker

    Very nice bk, packaging was awesome

  8. Akanksha Nazareth

    Very helpful book i love this book very much

  9. Ganesh Singh Kar

    The book is absolutely for the tenth grade. Includes detailed description for every chapter. Lots of questions inside for practice with hints to many questions.

  10. Virat Pratap Agate

    This book is useful for all 10th students. it contains all boardquestion, NCERT question and it also contains NCERT exampler questions with solution It also contains many extra sums which does not present in NCERT book. This book is written by famous author R.D.sharma. so, I recommend this maths book to all student who are studying in 10 standard.

  11. Naresh Kamdar

    Great book bro!

  12. Somnath Babu

    This is a good book which has a maximum number of analysing problems which made me to achieve well in my exams and my revision test where even my teacher uses for reference

  13. Akshay Gobin

    It is most tough as well as clearly and as simple as Ncert. Much easier to understand than ARIHANT ALL IN ONE. Much high level th RS Aggarwal.(but of board level). Pearson has somewhat unuseful concepts but it’s content is completely relevant

  14. Qadim Setty

    Very important for the board exams

  15. Gunjan Bhatia

    This is a genuine book with lot of pblms and previous years questions.. it is useful for 2019 – 20 CBSE board examination.

  16. Nilima Nitin Morar

    This is books best reference book in class 10 many sum give this book but it was tough best reference I am given this book to five star

  17. Nancy Murthy

    The good is great as great as it is famousity. The inner pages are of finest quality and all are printed correctly. The book also have a good looking cover. It have lots of questions in it and will help you a lot for competitive exams (like NTSE) I am dissapointed with the delivery. Cover was damaged because of packing and looks old ??. It also teared from bottom. I wished .in can do something for it. I really want my books cover be as good as possible

  18. Dhiraj Bhai Kaul

    Product & delivery are ok.

  19. Kajol Surya Chia

    Awesome book for class 10 aspirant. Definitely must buy book for CBSE students. You must buy this at the begining of the academic year for a better headstart. No alternative and match with any other maths book for CBSE.

  20. Vivek Dev Sen

    I like is product

  21. Meghana Bandi

    Content pages says that at the end of the book there will be sample papers. But there are no sample papers. How can publisher be reckless to this extent.

  22. Kirti Baalkrishan Lata

    Book quality is not good and many pages are torn up. I am going to replace it. Don’t buy better to go for rs agarwal

  23. Dhiraj Kata

    Advantages of this book:- 1)Proper proves for theorem 2)Based on NCERT Text book 3)Practising of thus book is more than enough for 10th class board exam preparation 4)Extra sums 5)Number of examples 6)Answer key was given 7)Solutions gor difficult sums in exercises But buy this book only when you are confident that you can complete all sums in this book

  24. Jagdish Dev Sundaram

    Very nice explaination given by book.

  25. Shweta Gulzar Rastogi

    The book is very good.

  26. Pinky Bhardwaj

    This book was suggested to us by my son’s home tutor who believed that the sums on this book could be worked on for his upcoming Board Exams. This sure is helping my son practice sums. It has a concrete syllabus covered.

  27. Ghalib Elias Kunda

    This product is so weight more pages for carrying this i need a some 100 lorries this items now i keep tge bk in home dont even open it and putting pooja for it i dont know how rd sharma wrote such a big bk and his hand not fractured

  28. Aadish Bahri

    I think it is appropriately designed and developed with the aim of providing more than enough coverage of the NCERT syllabus. Moreover its difficulty level of questions are upto the mark and of much better quality than the competition.

  29. Kailash Anees Dugar

    *It is a very good product. *It is more helpful than ncert text books. *It has many extra questions. *The product is also packed by in good manner.

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