RD Sharma Class 9 Maths (2020-21 Edition)

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Learning Mathematics would be easy with this textbook of Mathematics published by Dhanpat Rai publication. It contains all the topics that have been outlined as per the CCE guidelines by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), penned by Rd Sharma, all the formulae, problems and equations are explained in simple language so that students are able to grasp the same. Salient features: chapters are well covered and Pre solved examples are provided. With its both easy and tough exercises, This book will certainly be of immense help for students to brush up their fundamental concepts. Each topic has been categorized under various sections to give the students a better understanding of the concepts.

219 reviews for RD Sharma Class 9 Maths (2020-21 Edition)

  1. Mona Upadhyay

    It also contains ncert and ncert exempler important questions.awesome book.this is the latest version.and it contains many questions.it also contains very tough questions.it is complete package for class 9 maths.

  2. Wafiq Bahri

    Best book and better than RS Aggrawal. Contains 600-650 Pages(Rd Sharma). I saved 45rs.

  3. Drishti Persaud

    An amazing buy. Though it’s bulky but the concepts are very clear and there are many questions for practice.

  4. Akshay Ram Mandal

    The book is very elaborative and useful. You will understand all the concepts from basics to higher levels. Author has done tremendous job in explaining each and every concept in detailed and easy manner followed by examples from the same. There are lot of questions to practice. The solutions for that are also available. The font and ink is perfect. The use of diagram helped immensely. The paper quality is also upto the mark. SPECIFICATIONS: 1 Book : Mathematics 9th 2 Author: RD Sharma 3 Language : English 4 Publication : Dhanpat Rai Year : 2020 6 Chapters : 25

  5. Zara Sridhar

    This book is very helpful it has everything in detail it clears all doubts it has solved examples of all types. The look is better than the earlier version but the pages are slightly thinner. This is the best book for Maths. The book is over 4 cm broad

  6. Zeeshan Kartik Bhandari

    As always RD Sharma is one of the best books for practice

  7. Javed Goda

    A good book with the detail information and solved examples worth buying It is based on new syllabus issued by C.B.S.E

  8. Abbas Ajay Bava

    Very nice product there is no damage in the book just like that as shown in the picture but need to improve the quality of the pages,the MRP of the book is Rs 445 but bookadorn is sending this for only Rs 400 ,bookadorn is helping us to save our money,i recommend you to buy this immediately.So,useful for class 9th students.Many examples with solutions are given in this book,useful for practice.

  9. Nishi Biren Ghose

    Ordered this for my daughter and she liked the book. It has problems which makes the students apply their formulas and understanding of the concepts. Very useful and worthy book for students.

  10. Naseer Anil Usman

    Best Book for practicing Extra maths beside ncert. Huge amount of examples are given that is helpfull for the students. Followed by Cbsce board.

  11. Nitin Divan

    Product delivery was excellent. Quality is pristine, no dent s. Lessons are easy to understand. Main thing is, there are many sums that we can practice.

  12. Suresh Binoya Prashad

    It has most of the questions of CBSE class 9 maths. The solution solving steps are clear n easy to understanding. My son loves it and it helps him a lot.

  13. Sukriti Manne

    RD Sharma by all means is a great book. It not only has the questions which are very basic in nature, it also has questions that makes you think and challenge kids. Great set of questions.

  14. Qabeel Tiwari

    Very comprehensive book for Grade 9 with easy to understand theory concepts, lots of solved examples and extensive exercise sums to improve. Though the paper quality could have been better.

  15. Samir Deepesh Pant

    very exhaustive and illustrative.neat explanation.but pretty expensive.so to reach everyone they must lower the price of the book or give some students concessions.

  16. Manjari Bawa

    Helps you get into further more details regarding the syllabus.. it helped me a lot.. Plus it is the 2020 edition!!!

  17. Fatima Zahir Narain

    The text book is very good condition and it is useful for cbse 9 good so I will give 4 star because went it came it was little damage so I am giving 4 star

  18. Yadu Raghavan

    What a book!! There are so many sums and problems, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it in a year.

  19. Samir Ramkissoon

    Format of the book is not good, there are no exercise,only levels. It is a bit confusing.

  20. Kusum Brahmbhatt


  21. Aishwarya Elias Murty

    Book is good. My son is happy to take reference from this book

  22. Bahadur Rao Bansal

    I am so happy that I bought this book Can teach maths easily

  23. Moti Mogul


  24. Vijay Habib Munshi

    Really helpful

  25. Sushmita Uppal

    For those who are struggling for maths like me then this is the best

  26. Dhiraj Dev Jayaraman

    Must buy…If you want your child to learn and practice as much as…Then go for it…

  27. Ghanshyam Yash Mehan

    Good book

  28. Narmada Ram Shankar

    We have this book for our children. Nice print.

  29. Sameedha Murthy

    Good additional book.its helpful to have additional excercises.

  30. Jayshree Gandhi

    Ncert maths book dont have question for practice ..must buy for more and more questions

  31. Srinivasan Maheshwari

    It’s really a wonderful book… The book’s pages are printed nicely… And the packaging is great… I recommend you to buy this product for regular math practice….

  32. Feroz Bakshi

    Best book mathematics for class 9 if anyone complete this 2 times then he or she will the master of mathematics

  33. Rehman Om

    Very very useful

  34. Hetan Mehul Lal

    Recieved book in good condition.. RD Sharma math book is good for class 9 and 10 students

  35. Anand Samir Deep

    This book introducing me so many topics

  36. Poonam Khare

    Very comprehensive and detail explanation.

  37. Obaid Yogi

    Good book and quick+prompt delivery

  38. Avantika Reddy

    Very good book for practice

  39. Sweta Rastogi

    Its good. Very user friendly

  40. Sara Hayer


  41. Aishwarya Chahal

    This is very gooooooooooood boooooook

  42. Qabool Prasad Gopal

    Best book for any person of any board in class 9

  43. Nitin Tarun Prabhakar

    But not that much good that it contain 5 star It represents itself like used. But page quality is very good — Thankyou bookadorn.

  44. Smriti Hayer

    Good book. Got on time.

  45. Bhairavi Pandey

    good book

  46. Rehman Bhai Parmar

    Good for practice

  47. Sid Khatri

    I read this book was amazing but the book cover only flatested . quality of the book is some what good

  48. Nandini Verma

    Great book to understand the concepts..the book has different difficulty level of problems

  49. Abhishek Sant

    This book is great for students to practice and learn maths

  50. Uma Andra


  51. Malik Rao Kade

    Excellent is the only word.

  52. Kirti Umesh Pai


  53. Laveena Gola

    Best book to get full marks in school. You can easily get full marks but you have to practice each and every question even examples.

  54. Sneha Sekhon


  55. Upasana Jawahar Narayan

    The book is great I will prefer it for meritorious students. If you want to gain knowledge then stick to this book and study it’s A to Z thing.

  56. Naina Rahim Deshmukh

    Good book.

  57. Preet Jobin Sahota

    It’s good as it has more question and students can practice more Practice makes a human perfect specially in maths

  58. Pranay Chowdhury

    Good one

  59. Nishtha Anees Gola

    It is a good book for studies. It contains also ncert ans.It contains a lot of example.it is a good book…

  60. Sapna Bhatia


  61. Maya Datta


  62. Nilam Mahmood Bose


  63. Yash Tata

    Examples are given and solutions are also given, quality is fine, GOOD product and use full for maths practice

  64. Parvez Bhai Dugal


  65. Chinmay Agarwal

    Good value for money

  66. Giaan Singh Salvi

    Amazing book ??% genuine book Paper quality much better than the last one or latester one Helps a lot for exam

  67. Maya Kumer

    Very latest edition and plentiful exercises with easy explanations.

  68. Vineeta Charandeep Krishna

    Good level of difficulty to master the topics.

  69. Sirish Dhawan

    Very comprehensive

  70. Gaurav Kuruvilla

    Very useful reference book for class 9… It has more and clear steps to solve a problem… I recommend everyone to buy it…

  71. Kirti Dara


  72. Urvashi Chander

    Many problems with lots of example and solutions.

  73. Monin Dev Narayanan

    Good for study’s

  74. Navami Saha

    Excellent book for Grade nine learners

  75. Afreen Kushal Lachman

    Totally good book. For studying boards, this is perfect but, it’s bad foundation studies

  76. Raj Rao Sha

    This book contains highly explained concepts . This is also contains many solved and unsolved questions

  77. Padama Natwar Aurora

    Quality is good

  78. Mona Tata

    Everything was as per commitment

  79. Ankita Pandit

    One of the bes

  80. Heena Koshy

    The book was delivered as good as new. Too good. The book has many methods explained and many examples.

  81. Pooja Govind Ramakrishnan

    Perfect for class 9

  82. Pushpa Kalyan Amble


  83. Deepesh Lal Sarkar


  84. Radhika Fardeen Mahabir

    2 Good

  85. Kartik Devendra Bhatnagar

    Excellent book

  86. Sneha Balakrishnan

    It has various problems with solutions and many extra problems to solve .helpful for students.

  87. Brock Murthy

    Very good book

  88. Isha Gopal

    Nice book new edition of rd sharma with difficult questioms with solutions

  89. Vivek Iyer

    super product. Useful for exams. nice

  90. Abhinav Chandra Issac

    Good ok.

  91. Habib Murty

    Useful one but needs some discount .

  92. Wahid Prabhakar

    It is very helpful book for kids as it has lot of practice exercises compare to ncert book I would recommend this

  93. Aastha Shan

    Good condition

  94. Bhairavi Rai


  95. Usha Rajesh Rattan

    Very useful,helps to improve the standard of my child

  96. Akhil Suri

    On time and at good cost

  97. Bagwati Sabharwal

    Its really good for further studies..??

  98. Tushar Dutta


  99. Avantika Dugar

    It’s verry nice book and very helpfull to me infact everyone of us. Thank you bookadorn

  100. Aayushman Kumar Verma

    Book is great… Concepts part is not tha good…

  101. Umesh Dey

    Very excellent book must buy for maths Value for money book

  102. Nancy Murthy

    Excellent book

  103. Ananya Yadunandan Bhatnagar

    MRP is not mentioned anywhere in this book. How come it’s possible in India.

  104. Naina Naruka

    very good book , must buy

  105. Harbhajan Kumar Sodhi

    One standard book for students

  106. Amrit Kadakia


  107. Kasturi Jagat Purohit

    It is a very good book

  108. Seema Sing


  109. Dhiraj Mohit Swamy

    It is the real book. The book I received was in perfect condition.

  110. Madhavi Hayre

    Keep it safe for years it’s an tresure

  111. Alpa Jaggi

    Rd Sharma is always super.very helpful

  112. Savita Lal


  113. Tejaswani Vicky Dara


  114. Kamini Ghalib Kant

    This is only a textbook for grade 9

  115. Aatif Mangat


  116. Preshita Rai

    Many board exam questions are set from here

  117. Indira Som

    This book will definitely help in your exam times

  118. Sona Khosla

    Good book for math

  119. Vineeta Ujwal Borra

    V gud book . Helpful for periodic exams, terms

  120. Shobha Kadakia

    This book is nice but the book is flatested from the ends.

  121. Bhanupriya Swamy

    Good Book

  122. Wafiq Lal Chopra

    One of the best Rd sharma and question related to ncert with theorems

  123. Aadil Raj Sachdeva


  124. Aadil Prasad Lachman

    It is really a good product must for a student of 9th class

  125. Namita Majumdar

    Worth the value…. Very useful for those who wants to score 90+…

  126. Baldev Pratap Om

    Must buy for children in 9th standard

  127. Mukund Raj Naik

    It was in a nice condition so yeh it is advisory to bye it

  128. Kamlesh Chand Ratta

    One of the best book for reference

  129. Swati Malik Sridhar

    2 Good

  130. Suresh Naruka

    Well binded

  131. Divya Raghavan Sama

    Rd is rd

  132. Sweta Saurabh Majumdar

    Nice book

  133. Raghavan Rao Sarna


  134. Bishnu Parsa


  135. Shobha Rai

    Good reference for CBSE

  136. Satish Minhas

    Nothing to say.

  137. Sameera John Ramachandran

    Excellent book.

  138. Juhi Shere

    Good book

  139. Gaurav Kumar Lodi


  140. Anjana Zacharia

    Great book. Easy to understand. Good teaching method.

  141. Nupur Grover

    Very nice and helpful

  142. Namita Rajan

    Detalied explanation of each and every sum

  143. Nutan Dave


  144. Vaishali Karan

    It is very good book for practice of maths

  145. Sumit Kabra

    Like this helpful

  146. Rashid Lal Chakrabarti

    I like

  147. Habib Kannan

    Best book of CBSE board 9th standard…….

  148. Prabhat Ghosh


  149. Amrit Lata

    Very good book for class 9

  150. Priyanka Atwal

    Good reference book for student of class 9

  151. Saurabh Rao Balay

    I love the quantity of questions and there level

  152. Uday Sibal

    Overall nice book

  153. Lalita Tanay Minhas


  154. Malik Sachdeva

    Good book

  155. Urmila Chirag Ramakrishnan

    Good book.

  156. Kusum Minhas

    Rd Sharma is one of the best book it helps us in maths very much

  157. Julie Tank

    Good quality of book and very useful.

  158. Niyati Mishra

    Help to solve tuf questions

  159. Bimla Seshadri

    Most useful book for grade 9

  160. Mona Pant

    One of the best maths text book

  161. Radheshyam Shroff

    It is nice

  162. Avantika Nagar

    Very useful

  163. Aishwarya Dutta

    Best book

  164. Aruna Atul Setty

    Its very helpful to improve math

  165. Akhil Bose

    It’s good book for kind

  166. Gayatri Chandran

    Very good

  167. Tanuja Sama

    Excellent book

  168. Yamini Iyer

    very good book

  169. Smriti Qabool Dube

    Good product

  170. Surya Dev Vig

    Books and price both are good

  171. Mahmood Bora

    Book damaged

  172. Bharat Dass


  173. Dhanush Rao Masih

    Easy to understand

  174. Sukriti Subhash Palan

    Best book

  175. Ganesh Ehsaan Usman


  176. Kirti Gill

    Good book

  177. Ramesh Sahni

    The book is very helpful

  178. Parveen Guha


  179. Gauransh Shere

    Best for class 9 maths

  180. Ricky Rupesh Mitter

    Best book for practice

  181. Sara Venkatesh

    Sahi h

  182. Peter Chandra Sandal

    Original books

  183. Sahil Raj Tara

    Good product

  184. Julie Dhiraj Bahl


  185. Anand Raj Mathai

    Very useful

  186. Ehsaan Mital


  187. Zeenat Batta

    Book is very good

  188. Aditi Karan

    It’s very useful

  189. Nidhi Kabeer Sen


  190. Lalita Akshay Khanna


  191. Yash Nazir Kari

    Nice products

  192. Chinmay Mangal

    Good product

  193. Nupoor Aatif Gaba

    3 Good

  194. Giaan Prasad Balakrishnan


  195. Sukriti Naruka

    Good book

  196. Akhil Lal Karan

    I like it

  197. Vaishali Anand Ramesh

    Help full

  198. Chitra Ahluwalia

    Good book

  199. Virat Seth

    Good Book

  200. Aarif Nadkarni


  201. Lalit Goswami

    Nice product

  202. Nirmal Lal Pingle


  203. Narayan Prashad


  204. Kalpana Loke

    It is very helpful for medium type students and also have very good question to solve it I suggest every body to buy this book

  205. Pinky Goda

    Shoul i buy this book for class 9 my new session is starting from april is this book right for me

  206. Mukti Shan

    Good book for students help study class 9 and 10 , I recommended all students buy this book , thank you

  207. Ishat Dass

    Best book for practicing today’s math’s

  208. Balaji Tushar Sant

    This book is one of the best book for practice

  209. Mini Prasad

    Very nice book for class 9 ,in this book all important questions are given

  210. Parveen Buch

    Practice MATHEMATICS from this book..

  211. Qadim Bhai Arora

    It is amazing book

  212. David Dubey

    Awesome book

  213. Kajal Tailor

    Very good

  214. Nikita Aslam Dubey


  215. Zeenat Jayaraman

    Value for money

  216. Preshita Binoya Deo


  217. Monin Bishnu Ramesh

    Really help??

  218. Umesh Singh Aggarwal

    Book is good also rate

  219. Bijoy Prasad Pillai

    Concept development in gradual mannner coupled with exercises solved and I solved.

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