RS Aggarwal Class 10 Maths (2020-21 Edition)

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This RS Aggarwal Maths for Class 10 textbook is an apt choice for the students who are willing to excel in the subject, Mathematics. The author RS Aggarwal has tried his best to keep the language as simple as possible so that the young minds are able to grasp the concept more easily. The experiments, activities and additional exploratory material have been provided to make the learning easy for the students. It covers all the chapters that are prescribed for Class 10 of the Central Board of School Education (CBSE).

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78 reviews for RS Aggarwal Class 10 Maths (2020-21 Edition)

  1. Kamlesh Pratap Sha


  2. Venkat Dora

    Thanks to BookAdorn book store for great delivery in standard time and quality is very good of this book with out Any,, problem with low price new edition of 2020 edition

  3. Ujwal Nayan Srinivasan

    Great love it Explanation is easy to understand ..all right thank u so much book adorn

  4. Jyoti Sibal

    Very very best quality and very helpfull and questions quality also best

  5. Diya Amrit Manda

    The chapter heading is not according to ncert book.the exercise questions r not solved separately. Over all excellent book.

  6. Rimi Maharaj

    The book is written according to the syllabus. Perfect book for Class Tenth studying students. The book has detailed descriptions. With many solved questions.

  7. Vaishali Hassan Misra


  8. Ekbal Kirti Mohan

    Just awesome..

  9. Veena Sirish Ramanathan

    The best maths book.

  10. Wafa Chandra Sant

    Good for practicing Maths and boards preparation????????????

  11. Mahmood Rao Sagar

    Best book for cbse class x preffered by RS Agarwal i am also from cbse class x and i recommend this book to you as a normal math or you can read also RD Sharma!

  12. Kusum Ganesh

    Best book to get full marks in class 10th

  13. Deep Raj Palla

    Excellent for practice.

  14. Kabeer Reddy

    Besst book

  15. Pamela Mammen

    Exact book I have got, ordered for my brother but it’s cover is not in a really good condition.

  16. Indira Arvind Maraj

    Wow what a. great book in great price. It is soooooooo helpful for weak students. I love the packaging. .

  17. Sushmita Kapoor

    A very good math book for all class x students. Its example is very much important for students . Every class x students need this

  18. Sameera Badal

    Perfect as expected

  19. Deepesh Parveen Jhaveri

    Nice book

  20. Kanika Sing

    Best book of all 10th students.

  21. Kirti Nawab, Vasa

    The book is the latest syllabus mathematics book and is more than enough to fair good scores in the boards.

  22. Owais Inani

    good quality

  23. Pushpa Hemendra Sarin

    Got the expected product!!!

  24. Peter Dev Radhakrishnan

    Excellent condition.

  25. Drishti Ganesan

    Like this book because every math sum is explained in detail.

  26. Ruchi Kata

    It was a nice book and it covers all chapters and easy to understand but the front cover was damaged but I can give 5 stars????

  27. Tanay Pratap Rajagopal

    Book is good but need specific examples and for practice questions.

  28. Arun Mitter

    The packing was very good and the book was shiny new printed in 2020.

  29. Charandeep Kamlesh Deol


  30. Usman Lal Kala

    Book has very attractive cover ,and there was 3 bookmarks also ,love it

  31. Riya Cheema

    Excellent book with many illustrative example and a variety of sums to practice. Helpful boards as well as olympiads

  32. Baldev Ghosh

    Awesome book R.s aggarwal is the best

  33. Sushant Bhai Sani

    Very nice book for exam preparations…

  34. Lata Gulzar Tara

    Excellent book.

  35. Kiran Vijay Mody

    Good book

  36. Rahim Bhai Shankar

    best book for class 10th board exams

  37. Charu Gokhale

    Nice book was also in a good condition

  38. Mowgli Prasad Ramakrishnan


  39. Juhi Ghanshyam Rampersad

    good book for practice

  40. Krishna Rao Kuruvilla

    good , well written

  41. Lakshmi Obaid Wadhwa

    Lots of models..very nice

  42. Usha Badal

    good helpful book

  43. Kiran Jobin Sundaram

    Sharp book

  44. Taahid Vaidya

    Good book . Delivery was on time

  45. Preet Arun Mallick

    Nice product

  46. Yogesh Rashid Philip

    Nice book very usefull tips are given nice examples as gven in ncert better than all in one

  47. Indira Sai Majumdar

    Best Book for Board Examination. With Clear Concepts. But Rd Sharma is better than this .

  48. Babita Binoya Khosla

    Value for money

  49. Kabeer Pillai

    RS aggarwal maths book are the best books for board exam

  50. Lakshmi Sule

    Book is good

  51. Mini John Bains

    Book is very good condition And better than any math book

  52. Peter Kanda


  53. Avantika Narayanan

    Looks good so far

  54. Fakaruddin Kumar Manne

    Very nice

  55. Jyoti Abhinav Sehgal

    Best book.

  56. Ragini Dey


  57. Madhavi Garg


  58. Mitesh Lata

    I am using it since 10 years for me and for my students.

  59. Kirti Lal

    products were good.

  60. Neha Surya Dhawan

    Book is good in condition and every thing is good.

  61. Zara Goel

    Nice for practice.

  62. Aadil Khatri

    I am giving four stars because book is some damaged

  63. Hetan Iyer

    Awesome book

  64. Bahadur Biswas


  65. Akhila Jani

    Book was i perfect condition.thnx

  66. Bhairavi Bandi

    Easy to read, follow, and educate youngsters.

  67. Lalita Bobal

    Very useful to cbse 10th class students.

  68. Ricky Aatif Bahl

    Good book but damaged slight But it’s great

  69. Supriya Chokshi

    Very good product but it start tearing from cover..

  70. Preshita Manish Hayre

    Book is nice but packing is not nice

  71. Aditya Salvi

    Very good book

  72. Radhe Pradhan

    It has awesome quality

  73. Koushtubh Brar


  74. Mukul Rastogi


  75. Raj Chad

    Enough for cbse 10

  76. Navami Yogesh Cheema


  77. Rita Mahmood Mahabir

    Best book

  78. Shweta Tiwari

    Very good book. And the quality was so good. Latest edition.

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