RS Aggarwal Class 9 Maths (2020-21 Edition)

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This RS Aggarwal Maths for Class 9 textbook is an apt choice for the students who are willing to excel in the subject, Mathematics. The author RS Aggarwal has tried his best to keep the language as simple as possible so that the young minds are able to grasp the concept more easily. The experiments, activities and additional exploratory material have been provided to make the learning easy for the students. It covers all the chapters that are prescribed for Class 9 of the Central Board of School Education (CBSE).

84 reviews for RS Aggarwal Class 9 Maths (2020-21 Edition)

  1. Urmi Sumit Lad

    Nice book with a good discount and fast delivery.

  2. Naresh Feroz Aggarwal

    RS Agarwal is the best book always for practice and proper study. It is a balanced book for proper examples and number of practice sets and problems. Really good.

  3. Marlo Dodiya

    Awsm book for maths practice… must purchase..

  4. Komal Banik

    Very useful and helpful for students those who want to do a little bit more.

  5. Lakshmi Upadhyay

    Different problems at CBSE level gives new boost for competitive exams.

  6. David Kade

    The paper quality and printing is very good. Cover page quality is also good is expected to last for long time. Every highschool going students should have this book.

  7. Lalit Lal Sandhu

    Exactly what I needed

  8. Kalyani Jawahar Vora

    Nice Book. Gives a good exercise. But ch.1 Contains lots of mistake.

  9. Leela Samuel

    Rs aggrawal, the name is enough. For any section of students wether academics or competitve, everyone can be benefitted by this book, it has simple language of writing helps to understand concept.

  10. Yadu Mogul

    Nice book. Problems are solved and illustrated nicely. Highly Recommended . Fast delivery by bookadorn. Packaging is also very good.

  11. Geetanjali Bedi


  12. Megha Sunder

    This book is excellent for class 9. Better understanding the concept and Also given the so much question which help you to be the master of mathematics.

  13. Bhanupriya Deep Merchant

    Go for it

  14. Ajeet Kaur

    Best book

  15. Pooja Balay

    The book cover was torn when received. But yeah, all the pages are intact.

  16. Harpreet Ram Gera

    Nice book . Pages are smooth and questions are competitive.If you want to prepare for exams surely take this book as a reference book

  17. Chandni Nagar

    Very good but page quality is not better.

  18. Neela Jack Morar

    Superb quality product

  19. Nikita Taahid Kapur


  20. Shashank Viswanathan

    Size of book is little smaller (approx. (9-10 inches X 6 inches) but inside letter indent is fine so I am fine here

  21. Hema Dinesh Raval

    Amazing book

  22. Lakshmi Luthra

    The book is good and also the new edition of 2020. And the discount price is excellent.Loved it.

  23. Amrita Ekbal Choudhry

    Good book to use along with the ncert text book

  24. Hanuman Virk


  25. Nagma Gour

    Very good book. Has lots of sums for practice and there is a lot of variety. Loved it.

  26. Sid Anand Agarwal

    Nice problems present. Contains exemplar problems of borad exams. One should refer this.

  27. Binita Nadkarni


  28. Hanuman Bala

    It’s nice and quality of the pages is good pages are smooth

  29. Chinmay Ramachandran

    Product as per commitment

  30. Gowri Dube


  31. Raju Albert Bhagat


  32. Riya Chawla


  33. Padmini Mand

    Good book

  34. Sukriti Gill

    Best math book Nice questions

  35. Kunti Umesh Mandal

    All things are good

  36. Alka Garde

    Absolutely correct product for 9 class students .. #Thanks bookadorn

  37. Swati Sundaram

    Very good book

  38. Chand Bhai Bhatti

    Good book

  39. Harpreet Narayan


  40. Kabeer Raj Ramanathan

    Useful but lengthy book overall a very marks scoring book

  41. Veena Raju

    Good product and much low price compare to open market

  42. Bahadur Hari

    Awesome product

  43. Vikrant Lal Dara


  44. Ruchi Karan

    Was in prefect condition.

  45. Venkat Bhatti

    Good book for students.

  46. Harbhajan Vig


  47. Indrani Mandal

    We got what we wanted at the right time

  48. Krishna Bijoy Dhingra

    It is very useful product and page quality is good

  49. Natwar Chhabra


  50. Usman Nawab, Chandra

    Nothing to say about the book.

  51. Ram Sheth

    It was best maths refrence book

  52. Labeen Narasimhan

    Pages were stuck

  53. Amolika Umesh Saran

    Very usefull to all students..

  54. Binod Prasad Wable

    When it came it is in a bad condition

  55. Charlie Lal Sani


  56. Shweta Palan

    Will help in boards

  57. Samir Vohra

    Nice book.

  58. Divya Dhanush Nawal


  59. Binita Bahadur Banik

    Worth every penny

  60. Satish Varghese

    Very good

  61. Radhe Rao Bhagat

    Good and helpful

  62. Ghanshyam Dugar

    Nice book

  63. David Raj Toor

    Yes it is really good

  64. Anjana Thaker

    Helpful +nice product without any damage

  65. Hassan Sha

    Good and on time

  66. Jack Dinesh Mital

    This book really helps me in improving my maths because my maths is very weak and its difficult for me to understand.. so i take help from this book which gives me a really very good concept…its amazing job by bookadorn..??????

  67. Monica Ravi

    Good book with a hell lot of examples which makes everyone to understand difficult topics.

  68. Zara Rupesh Peri

    Good book but no discount given.

  69. Ricky Padmanabhan

    This new edition book is better than the new edition for class 9

  70. Himesh Srivastava

    ok product go for it

  71. Manoj Sahni


  72. Ankita Sathe

    Nice book it will better if used with R. D SHARMA AND small book like ncert mathematics easy to handle.

  73. Rimi Ramachandran

    One of the best books to review your concepts. Good explanation. I find it useful even after doing my engineering (got my concepts cleare which I forgot). Thanks a lot.

  74. Kusum Bhat

    It is the best book for me to study the actual and importance sums that can come for exam from anywhere .it has a very nice concepts of each and every chapter. I prefer this book for you . You should also prefer it Thank you

  75. Himani Baber Som

    Nice book for CBSE students

  76. Nawab, Das

    Good book

  77. Parminder Rama

    NYC book

  78. Sameera Ram Gopal Oommen

    Good…..exactly the one in pic and got fast delivery….i would recommend you to buy from here @ at a good discount

  79. Astha Rahim Rajagopalan

    it’s very good book

  80. Pradeep Rampersad

    The book is really helpful …. It should be a little bigger but overall it’s superb

  81. Sumit Meda

    This book was in good condition.

  82. Rupesh Mane

    Excellent book for refreshing the basics for competitive exams.

  83. Rohini Wason

    Value for money

  84. Gowri Anand Khanna

    It is very good with details

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