(2021-22 New Edition) S Chand Physics Chemistry and Biology Combo Class 10 Lakhmir Singh

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“S Chand Physics, Chemistry and Biology” are the most popular and recommended reference books for both Class 9 and Class 10. The authors of these books are “Lakhmir Singh” and “Manjit Kaur”. It is the latest edition of this book for 2020-21 examinations. The most important feature of S Chand Science is that a large variety of solved and unsolved questions has been included to assess the learning abilities of the students. The main aim of bringing out this series is to make science more attractive, interesting and understandable to the students. The headings, subheadings, and definitions of each topic of this book have been given in different colors. This will help the students to locate the various topics easily and learn the definitions conveniently.

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61 reviews for (2021-22 New Edition) S Chand Physics Chemistry and Biology Combo Class 10 Lakhmir Singh

  1. Monica Jack Hayer

    It is just amazing. I want to thank schand and the authors for making such a good book. I am referring these book from class 6. And if we talk about it’s contents then they are also very good. These books are highly simplified and easy to understand. The new vrx is also good.It is the best product I had ever seen. And I also want to thank book adorn from the core of my heart. Book Adorn store also give safe and best product for me it is the best book store.

  2. Munni Raj Rampersaud

    Best books. Nice pages. Excellent book , if u study this then you don’t want to study NCERT. Many things are extra , but it will be helpful . Vr is average after 10 min you will have headache

  3. Yogesh Kumar Ramakrishnan

    Great schand product but if you can’t afford this than you can buy fullmarks or Arihant all in one science both are best for notes and all questions solution and question banks

  4. Manjari Shetty

    Refrences are quite good with self explainable digrams. NCERT answers are given at Back of Book. Reading each line gives 1000s of knowledge. VRX box is quite good. Though it was little hard to create it but if you follow instructions then you will be able to make it.

  5. Naseer Dad

    Lakhmir Singh and Manjeet Kaur book for CBSE is ultimate. Even the offer made from the seller is giving it an extra edge. I am from Mumbai where all the books are available on their MRP in local shop. So, thanks a lot to Book Adorn and the seller who is delivering such a wonderful book in reasonable price. I will recommend others to go for this combo pack if planning to buy separately.

  6. Hanuman Alex Parsa

    This good complete package of schand class 10th science book and nice vr gear

  7. Runjhun Hemendra Gola

    Excellent product and delivered the original product in very good condition The product is too awesome since it gives deep content about each n every topic and also bundles of questions after each topic and aslo has answers to Ncert questions and also has value based questions ets Excellent product

  8. Malik Vig

    This book is proved to be very helpful in my class 10th. If you science is weak or you are not able to understand science then I will recommend you to buy this book as soon as possible because the language which is used in this book is soo simple that everybody can understand and you will definitely going to see a major change in you marks in Science subject after studying this book.

  9. Kalpit Animesh Shetty


  10. Pravin Prasad Bawa

    An awesome set of books with clear description and photos. You should have these refreshers as these clear your smallest of all doubts too. Very useful and important for 10th boards. When the package arrived, it was bit damaged and the books too are slightly folded at the edges, but else everything is set!!!

  11. Babita Ramesh Banik

    These books are amazing. I loved them and the best is the VR. No idea how but not I am enough concentrated toward my studies as I should be. Wishing all the best for 10thies and once again thank to the publisher.

  12. Afreen Sinha

    The books are really nice and have enough knowledge and content for class 10 students. I would definitely recommend these books for 10th board exam as well as for entrace exam for different colleges and schools.

  13. Uma Kashyap

    Good product …. To get good marks in 10th cbse

  14. Manjari Bhasin

    This book is awesome.I always scored less marks in science exams.But this first exam I scored a best ever marks.I recommend to everyone to buy this books.

  15. Ajeet Prasad Warrior


  16. Rakhi Badami

    One of the best book for class 10 cbse board exam. Very good book, you can buy this book

  17. Bimla Elias Gala

    Got them for my ward. Seems very helpful. Will know more as session continues.

  18. Uday Reddy

    Good guide books

  19. Padmini Agarwal

    Physics book’s binding and page cutting are bad.

  20. Chandni Kata

    Books are all New and Original. VR gear is just a cardbox …. Anyways it was just a complimentary thing so doesn’t matter. Needed books which are good.

  21. Kalyani Roy

    This books are best for studying science and definations are very clear and easy to understand

  22. Amrita Loke

    Great book without questions..But price is very high

  23. Elias Khurana

    It describe all ncrt class 10 Textbook in very easy manner. I am scoring good marks becoz. Of this book. Dealer and packing is nice.

  24. Aditya Singhal

    Very good quality with very good content with very good vr headset

  25. Devika Parveen Goswami

    The book is worth for understanding topics and also the books were in good conditions but the only thing is that I didn’t get the virtual reality gear which was included in the package…

  26. Kamlesh Kade

    I like this book , 3 book so this pakeg, very day used this book,

  27. Ricky Nori

    Best book for studying science. In a detailed manner everything is given.

  28. Kasturi Tata

    Great school product. Helpful for exams.

  29. Bharat Srinivas

    This is the best science book for cbse. Even a simple man can understand this. It is even good for board exams.

  30. Deep Narang

    It is an amazing product… It help alots as everything is given in detail.. I’m totally satisfied by this… Great..

  31. Hanuman Manoj Jain

    Product Was in good condition with Virtual Reality Gear. I like the Product.

  32. Munni Parveen Samra

    Worthy reference books

  33. Fardeen Sabharwal

    Best buy

  34. Monin Roy

    The Price of this book is so cheap. And Quality is so good. Nice Books. Rather than going to flipkart or amazon etc. Go with only BookAdorn. Amazing BookAdorn

  35. Gulab Sibal


  36. Satishwar Chandra Sastry

    Very good book for 10 th students and easy to understand concepts with ncert questions solved.

  37. Kim Chaudry

    Very easy language and concepts are nicely explained with relevant examples… Very useful refrence book.

  38. Baalkrishan Chandra Ramesh

    Very useful for subject reading,but not for exampoint preperation,it has detailed information and also extra poits it is also helpful for projects

  39. Kalyani Jha

    Buy this if you are purchasing for the books and not for the free VR headset. These are really helpful.

  40. Pradeep Raj Bath

    Nice packing

  41. Narmada Chand George


  42. Mona Sama

    More detailed

  43. Ajay Dube

    Nice and value for money

  44. Animesh Rao Sarin

    Excellent product.

  45. Anjana Sodhi


  46. Kalyani Aurora

    Good Books and very helpful

  47. Devendra Edwin

    These books are very useful for the students of class 10th it is very easy to understand what is written in this book

  48. Naresh Dalal

    Of course this book is the best science refresher. Just the pages were a little folded. Nice VR headset too.

  49. Fardeen Raja

    Books are in very good conditions. Packing was very strong.

  50. Prerna Ganesh Singh

    Very good books . Print quality is also good

  51. Alaknanda Aditya Taneja

    If i return the book then i will be able to get money back

  52. Teena Rupal Prasad

    Good books to study 10th class science

  53. Jamshed Vikrant Gole

    Good answers and very helpful. Very useful content

  54. David Kumar Gulati

    Best Shopping Website

  55. Zeeshan Nadkarni

    Best books.

  56. Nandini Boase

    Very good. Helped me a lot. But the vrx is missing. I hope it is by mistake. Kindly send it to me.

  57. Esha Hora

    It ts really a wonderful book, five stars is not enough to give

  58. Rohan

    Nice product.

  59. Saksham

    Great Product. I got free VR Box and free model test papers.

  60. Rama

    Must buy product. Buyed from them for the first time and the experience was excellent.

    • ritik

      Thanks for your valuable feedback.

  61. Sakshi

    Good product. Very good customer service is provided by bookadorn.

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