Wren and Martin High School English Grammar & Composition Regular Edition

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Wren and Martin’s High School English Grammar & Composition is one of the most popular and widely used reference books on English Grammar. It not only helps the students to use the language but also gives detailed information about the language. High School English Grammar & Composition provides ample guidance and practice in sentence building, correct usage, comprehension, composition, and other allied areas so as to equip the learners with the ability to communicate effectively in English. The regular edition is now available in a larger format making it more user-friendly and attractive. The multicolor edition is now available in a larger format, with vibrant and child-friendly illustrations. The Self-practice book has been specially designed to cater to the demands of the users. Writing space has been provided to work out the answers in an organized manner. The Self-practice book may be used with both the multicolor and regular editions. The key has been designed to provide users with a reliable and practical tool in the form of correct answers to the exercises in the book.

387 reviews for Wren and Martin High School English Grammar & Composition Regular Edition

  1. Manjari Koshy

    This book is best for intermediate students who know english. But not recommended to beginners.

  2. Jagdish Garde

    It’s a great book for beginners all topics of English grammar is covered and this book has letter writing and precise writing and all kinds of topics of English so I recommend this book to all who want their better command over English

  3. Sona Anand

    One of the best grammar books. The only flaw I found is that it doesn’t include the keys to exercises which are really important if you want to have a strong basis in grammar. For keys, you have to purchase another book. Better if you buy them together.

  4. Roma Zeeshan Maharaj

    I read this book when I was in school, The book cover is still has a similar feel ,all red. Delivery was on time , the book is a must for all all who want to learn english grammer , also helps building your communicative english .

  5. Lalita Abhinav Keer

    A good book for those who want to improve their general knowledge for English grammar! Very well explained lessons… Just one thing that it doesn’t have their answers in back… That’s is one issue otherwise it is one of the best bool to cover up your grammar….!??

  6. Mehul Bhai Bail

    This book is quite good I suggest it if you are in 10th or higher classes and if you don’t have proper grammer knowledge till now because of which your answers were right but you still not get marks because of grammer in English exams and I also suggest you to buy answer key to this book of this publisher only because it helped me alot

  7. Rita Prasoon Venkatesh

    The best English grammar book you can buy ……..Very useful for student…Paper Quality-5 Print-5 ,Delivery-5…. Very useful for student who want to learn english grammar,speaking If anyone need answer key of this book please go online , answer key will be available, don’t waste money for answer key i.e 300 rupees

  8. Charlie Chandra Nadkarni

    As always excellent delivery by Amazon. And book is excellent also

  9. Rashid Setty

    Received in good condition and in time. The content given in this book to improve your grammar skills is at par. you will love this book as you read it. every grammar rule is explained in detail with the right application of it.

  10. Supriya Majumdar

    Good for learning English basics if you are clean from the begning . Then it may take you to the basic to advance level . Please do not forget to make notes and practising exercise given in the the book .

  11. Vikrant Singh Rampersaud

    If your English is good then only buy it. An awesome book with good content. Comprehension is top class if you can solve it you can crak any compitative exam.

  12. Harbhajan Balay

    It’s a fantastic book. Was delivered on time and no damage was there. This edition is just amazing with some extra themes or topics. A must buy indeed .

  13. Ambika Chatterjee

    As this is a Study Material, one must handle it with care. The book is torn (Fatteli) from Bottom Side where it is being binned ! Else nothing much to say as a Customer.

  14. Sapna Saha

    Bought High School English Grammar and Composition Book (Regular Edition) for my kid quality of book is super. Content is also good

  15. Sumit Dhar

    very nice book…….its very helpfull for all type of students. All the topics are explained in details. Overall it is a good purchase

  16. Ekbal Lal Viswanathan

    I recommend this book for everyone who want to learn the English effectively and easily… This book is all what you need… This book is received me today ??.. At given time and date… And this is a large edition of this book.. Thank you!

  17. Aayushi Zachariah

    I have grown up using this book so for me it’s the Bible for English… anyone who really wants to understand the English grammar correctly should use this for reference

  18. Subhash Umar Ramroop

    One of the best books in its category. Easy to understand, comprehensive, and to the point. Most helpful for recap of high school grammer.

  19. Fardeen Sawhney

    Right choice for grammar text books. Has everything essential required by high school students to study english grammar. Also it is worth for money.

  20. Arpit Mukul Parsa

    Best price

  21. Chhavi Taahid Raval

    Good for students and for English learning and building concept

  22. Rajesh Varughese

    It’s ok but there are less exercises compared to other books. Good explanations. Nice book. There are a lot of explanations which are really simple and easy to understand????

  23. Jagat Nayak

    Very good and idle for studying definitions and usage of english grammar…

  24. Vikrant Sura

    Good book to clear your basic concepts yet many details are not updated as per latest changes

  25. Taahid Ganguly

    Good paper quality, hardcover and font size really so nice. i am happy with this product. I suggest to all.

  26. Yogesh Nitin Ghosh

    Very engaging and interesting.Must read book for improving grammar.The quality of book is great.Due to larger format, it gives strain less experience to eyes.

  27. Labeen Dev Menon

    Helped me pass my English exam A gr8 book for English Recommended this book to all students

  28. Riddhi Thakkar

    This book I know from childhood… Has always been my favorite… Very informative in terms of grammer…

  29. Giaan Chad

    I received the book today. Page quality is good. I have gone through few chapters. It’s easy to understand. In chapter , illustration and exercise is there to practice. Highly recommend. Thanks amazon :}

  30. Balaji Pratap Thomas

    it is best for those person who already knows something about grammer . Not good for novice user.

  31. Jiya Mishra

    Good delivery service. Original book. But there is no bill in this order. But every thing is okay

  32. Zara Iqbal Khare

    Very useful for competive xam preparation. It contains with basic study.

  33. Kanika Kant

    Received this book faster but it is a bit torn and folded.Other than that the book’s condition is good and it is very useful for good vocabulary. Go for it!! ??????

  34. Zahir Sai Shanker

    The go to grammar book, helpful for preparing for aptitudes in competitive exams. The larger print size is legible and eases the effort

  35. Rimi Sridhar

    Highly recommended .. perfect for beginners as well as professionals.. book for all.. esy to understand language for Students..

  36. Akshay Hegde

    From younger children to older people also having this book till now and u can also buy this book to your child to improve knowledge.

  37. Aadish Rao Somani

    This product is best for English language. And at this price range you should buy if you are studying english language well.

  38. Arun Trivedi

    It covers each and every chapter.. required for to tackle the grammatical questions in competitive exams. practice sets are there also. Thankyou amazon got it in rs 279

  39. Jyoti Umar Peri

    Best – hands down – for all generations.

  40. Nupur Sahni

    It’s awesome as it have all the concepts of grammar and suitable for all the grades if ur grammar concepts are weak please refer it

  41. Isha Jain

    A must have book for all..English Grammer is required in every field.This book covers every rules with lots of examples.For answer s u have to buy another book.That’s an issue.But worth of money.

  42. Mukti Dyal

    I have my first to buy this ..I’m satisfied with…. covered with A – Z syllabus ….simple, easy, but exercises without solutions is useless….as a whole worthy to buy……

  43. Mowgli Srinivas

    Easy to understand and very useful

  44. Prerna Dass

    It is very compact book for the examination and content

  45. Elias Kumar Sharma

    It is good for also contains very explaining Grammer which is useful to make Grammer contains all the things you need to learn…

  46. Shweta Gajendra Master

    Very good and up to date

  47. Charu Rehman George

    It’s a great book for secondary senior going children

  48. Arvind Kapoor

    All time favourite

  49. Jatin Chirag Bir

    This book is very helpful to who want to learn basics of English grammar and very easy to understand of the concepts.

  50. Charlie Mukhopadhyay

    Best for school and college students. Necessary for improving your vocabulary.

  51. Pirzada Puri

    Best book for learning English grammar and good for banking exam English rule, good delivery and pages are so good

  52. Ajinkya Chandra Viswanathan

    It’s really good book for students who wants to have good command over English. Important topics are very well marked and highlighted. Thanks Amazon for next day delivery.

  53. Srinivasan Hans

    Excellent for self learning and practicing

  54. Kasturi Ramnarine

    Good book

  55. Prabha Sarraf

    No need to comment anything regarding this one . Thid book has its history of developing the grammatical sense of a student at any level.

  56. Kirti Dalal

    Received the book in the best of its spirit! A grammar book is a a must have in every house and Wren and Martin is an ideal book, of course, when it comes to English.

  57. Richa Wadhwa

    This is one of the best book in business. BUt this and u will never regret.

  58. Ibrahim Kumer

    good book

  59. Priyanka Srinivasan Kale

    Good book for initiate English

  60. Rajendra Bahl

    it is a very good book if u want ot learn grammar from the bassic…also ppl appearing for law entrance exam AILET..this is book is very benicifial

  61. Vikrant Prasad Sodhani


  62. Alex Bhavsar

    This book is very helpful. It is better than others grammar books that I used.

  63. Krishna Shah


  64. Kim Bhargava

    Good book for students

  65. Jagruti Iqbal Ramachandran


  66. Bijoy Ram Ghosh

    A much needed book for the beginners, and also for us to brush up the aspects.

  67. Kasturba Tarun Chakraborty

    Good for English practice

  68. Neerendra Dev Goswami


  69. Gaurav Kumar Hans

    Good book

  70. Anjana Garde


  71. Hari Hanuman Cherian

    Best book to learn english. I would recommend everyone to try this book to improve your english.

  72. Savita Mutti

    The best book for Grammar. Period.

  73. Jawahar Kumar Keer

    I like this book with the paper quality and content.

  74. Kalyani Jacob

    Very good grammar book. Contains all concepts with examples for school students as well as competition exam preparators.

  75. Nupoor Karnik

    Good Book

  76. Mustafa Sodhani


  77. Jyoti Ahuja

    This book is good for students

  78. Nitin Brar

    Great book

  79. Tulsi Prakash

    Nice book. It is very Informative

  80. Sameera Yadunandan Chad

    worth for your money . Excellent product .

  81. Sumit Chandra Sharaf

    Brilliant product of amazon

  82. Mahmood Prasad Kapur


  83. Indira Labeen Pau


  84. Eddie Dev Barman

    A excellent book. Can be easily understandable by any one. But pages quality is very poor.

  85. Arpit Pratap Gade

    I gives clear view from every angle

  86. Binita John Yogi

    It is undoubtedly and aptly the most sought after book to improve English Grammar learning to an advanced level.

  87. Neerendra Singh Comar

    It is a very good book it is for classes 9-12

  88. Umesh Emran Kalita


  89. Fakaruddin Minhas

    Got the expected product!!!

  90. Upasana Prabhat Chada

    Nothing to dislike

  91. Narmada Balakrishnan

    Extremely good

  92. Payal Kailash Mani

    Totally satisfied with this book also the delivery service and tracking system is also very good.

  93. Kamini Anne


  94. Seema Masih

    Very good Investment to learn Grammar

  95. Elias Shanker

    Contents are quite large and Hope it would be helpful in competitive exams

  96. Megha Brahmbhatt


  97. Sunita Chaudhuri

    Great as always

  98. Qabeel Dube

    This is one of the best book of english grammar for clearing basics. Just go for it. First published before the world war II and is still popular among basic learners.

  99. Smriti Jayaraman


  100. Pradeep Saraf

    Worth buying .. good book for children

  101. Sabina Obaid Parikh

    Good book learn English A lot of assignments given in this book Which makes it good for practice

  102. Megha Manoj Verma

    Nice one

  103. Mini Qabeel Varma

    Liked the product

  104. Kamlesh Gauransh Kade

    Detailed Grammar book for students & teachers.

  105. Zara Lala

    Book is so good and received in good condition.

  106. Gowri Shroff

    This book Wren and Martine english grammar is suitable for those who are preparing for competative examination and this book is very good.

  107. Baldev Dev Tripathi

    I think it is essential for class 10

  108. Govind Karpe


  109. Ankita Chakrabarti

    It’s written in a simple language and is easily understandable

  110. Heer Chakrabarti

    Worthful book

  111. Prasoon Dev Mangal

    Nice book for grammar helpfully with composition also

  112. Anusha Sidhu


  113. Ghalib Dixit

    Very good book . Needs more examples for every part.

  114. Babita Chaudhuri

    Nice practice book

  115. Monica Himesh Choudhary

    Best Grammar book in the world.

  116. Surya Mathai

    Easy to understand. Simple language. Back to Basics. Nice book. If you read this book, I am sure You can definitely Read, Write and Speak English.

  117. Vikrant Zahir Badal

    Very useful to the trainer’s

  118. Arvind Lal Nanda

    Very good book for English Grammar. Not from Exam Point of View

  119. Maya Raja

    V Gud helpful explains concepts thoroughly

  120. Amir Lall


  121. Neela Lal

    It gives you good understanding and clears your basic concepts about grammar. I would suggest you to buy this book if you want clear your concepts.

  122. Kasturi Naseer Iyengar


  123. Rupal Elias Dhillon

    No comparison for learnings grammar basics.

  124. David Ram Minhas


  125. Dhiraj Lal Sanghvi

    A must for every Student

  126. Jawahar Aayushman Iyengar

    With out grammatical error we will speak from this book…

  127. Parminder Parekh

    Very good book since ages

  128. Akshay Chaudhari

    Nice book

  129. Tanay Arya


  130. Geetanjali Neerendra Goel

    Good product

  131. Mohan Krishnamurthy

    Book is very use full for class8-9 children so i ordered this and i am not disappointed with it. Thank you amazon!

  132. Sharad Singh Mukherjee


  133. Samir Mukund Pall

    Best Book for high-school students as well as for students who are studying for competitive exams…

  134. Neela Nanda

    Valuable product for people of any age. If interested in improving your English grammar skills, this book comes in handy.

  135. Kalpana Handa

    Very much helpful to students and also reached on time

  136. Animesh Ganesh

    I want 10 books to gift the students. But why did you raise the price?

  137. Rashid Jack Char

    Good book

  138. Ankita Bahadur Din

    Good product and good service from Amazon

  139. Nupoor Aarif Koshy

    Awesome product…..reached home in good condition..lot of pockets along with file holder??and a rain cover..It worth it’s price..

  140. Julie Raju

    Wonderful.. Awesome.. Good stuff book.. I loved it.. I’m a big fan of wren n Martin sir…

  141. Ruchi Guha

    Good As Expected

  142. Aarti Varun Oza

    Very useful book

  143. Heer Gulzar Choudhry

    Had lost my copy of wren and Martin bought this to replace it.

  144. Tushar Somnath Reddy

    For advanced learners. U will get a lot from this book

  145. Kailash Naidu

    This book is amazing .It covers all the concepts in great detail. I am very happy to get this book.

  146. Venkat Trivedi

    A definitive guide for IELTS grammar

  147. Aruna Bakshi

    Good at all you have buy this book along with key to wern and Martin… For solution of the problem… I got it at 250rs

  148. Payal Kohli

    Excellent book. Has helped my son a lot.

  149. Anand Bahri


  150. Mahmood Kumar Parikh

    Easy to learn

  151. Ghanshyam Issac

    Good product

  152. Sapna Ishat Sengupta

    Always the best book for English Grammar

  153. Fatima Master

    Week and Martin has always been a good book for beginners. Great book to clear a flush concepts

  154. Pravin Lal Panchal

    perfect book

  155. Shanti Gade

    Very useful for teenagers and very nice book .

  156. Ambika Loyal


  157. Leelawati Gaurav Karpe

    Product as per commitment

  158. Aastha Dubey

    Best ever book for grammar for standard 6-7 to 12! There are no cons you can go for it to buy!

  159. Juhi Chad

    Good one and delivery is also on time

  160. Ram Gopal Sengupta

    Very helpful

  161. Aadish Vala


  162. Meghana Muni

    very good book

  163. Anshula Bains

    Best book if you r doing preparation for competitive exams. #Amazonpay

  164. Gowri Mukherjee

    The book is good and knowledge gaining.Good for those who are weak in grammar.I think everyone should buy it.

  165. Brock Parmar

    use very easily who understand english but not know about grammar and for beginner.

  166. Mustafa Munaf Nawal

    Very good book for all.

  167. Sapna Deepesh Dutt


  168. Basanti Srinivasan

    Really good book for fundamental of grammer, it would be best if solution or hints of exercise would also given in same book,so someone can self analyze his growth.

  169. Chameli Srinivasan Bir

    Very nice book. Very useful for students like me.. It’s mrp is 420

  170. Mona Mehan

    Got it in best quality and we’ll maintained. Thanku Amazon. Book content is very satisfied.

  171. Pravin Doshi

    Superb book. A complete package for high school student. Clearly explained, easy to understand…

  172. Mayawati Beharry

    This book is very good and very amazing grammar book.

  173. Sapna Mohit Mishra


  174. Malik Bhardwaj


  175. Kusum Subramaniam

    I have purchased an awesome book I am really satisfied with the contents but the explanation is too short

  176. Pooja Sule

    It the best english grammar book for all ages. It has better language study than the school books.

  177. Hanuman Himanshu Ganguly


  178. Isha Seshadri

    Good book for grammer

  179. Sai Sridhar

    Extremely useful book for beginners… Everything is explained in very simple manner

  180. Arjun Singh Setty

    Good standard of english. Wren And Martin is all time

  181. Chhavi Owais Raju

    Book was good and very nice, good to carry and on time delivered. Thank you so much amazone

  182. Brock Sahota

    Good book for ICSE

  183. Prasoon Dial

    Once of the best books for English grammar… Very nice

  184. Vimala Goel


  185. Mehul Saraf

    Very Helpful

  186. Nilima Saran

    Book for the ages. A true Bible for anyone to improve basic grammar. Value for money.

  187. Elias Rampersad

    easy language to understand and written with great knowledge how to deal with beginners to let them understand the topic

  188. Ajeet Naidu

    Perfect book for English grammar. Easy to understand.. No

  189. Yadu Ranganathan

    Very nice book for students.

  190. Aditi Gala


  191. Jobin Prasad Masih

    good for learning

  192. Harpreet Ray

    Useful for learning

  193. Payal Iqbal Chaudry

    Worthy grammar text for advanced level.

  194. Riddhi Chia

    good book?.delivered before time.packed well

  195. Gunjan Nayak

    Amazing book! Serves the purpose for me

  196. Vijayent Dhawan


  197. Amolika Dutt


  198. Faraz Narain

    Very good

  199. Arjun Bhai Wagle


  200. Navami Vyas


  201. Aayushman Shanker

    I like very much. this book was good and delivery was very good.

  202. Nishi Ramaswamy

    good fof highschool student.

  203. Chirag Dev Brar

    Product packing is best????.. Product is also best.

  204. Parminder Shan

    Best book for grammar learner… Blindly chose it…

  205. Raj Raj Bhatt

    latest edition. Value for money.

  206. Sona Chand Meda


  207. Faisal Aayushman Amble

    The book presentation is fabulous and given topicwise imformation about that chapter

  208. Namita Amble will provide ample opportunity to the students eager to learn English in the truest sense of the term.

  209. Naina Chitranjan Aurora

    Chapter wise detailed discussion is impressive. Go for enhancement of knowledge

  210. Govind Dev Anand

    Good grammar book

  211. Pranay Pravin Gola

    It helped me in improving my English grammar and vocabulary

  212. Ruchi Khatri


  213. Elias Ramakrishnan

    Too good.

  214. Sukriti Rajendra Raghavan

    This is very helpful…. Thanks

  215. Habib Desai

    Amazing & useful book for all beginners of grammar learner. Almost coverd all content of grammar in this book.

  216. Nupoor Grewal

    Very useful book

  217. Anand Dev Seshadri


  218. Drishti Albert Mathew

    Excellent *******

  219. Namita Bail

    Best book for 9-12 english grammar

  220. Niyati Jamshed Luthra

    It’s a big A4 size book

  221. Lalita Bhola Parsa

    Great books

  222. Narmada Pal

    Thanks amazone for fast delive.

  223. Hari Dhiraj Mehra

    Best for grammar

  224. Babita Tripathi

    Very useful book for self study

  225. Kajal Mathew

    Good for High school.

  226. Aayushman Qabool Babu

    Good book for the high school students.

  227. Yogesh Ranganathan

    Everything is gud but exercises without answer keys is worst . How would we know whether our answers are correct or not

  228. Smriti Majumdar


  229. Lalit Singh

    I liked the book ,and it is very helpful to go through basics and revised grammar

  230. Roma Yogesh Lata

    Very nice book with all explained chapter and also fast delivery

  231. Binod Himesh Kade


  232. Kalyan Bhai Walia

    Nice study book

  233. Amrit Mallick

    Just buy it….dont think

  234. Manish Chandra Jani

    Wonderful discount

  235. Sahil Lodi

    Great work

  236. Urmila Johal

    Good quality

  237. Riddhi Deshpande

    Good grammar book

  238. Nishi Kade

    A Must have

  239. Radheshyam Apte

    This book concept is very very clear it will easily helpful for basic learners.

  240. Richa Muni


  241. Parvez Ghanshyam Tailor

    It is very helpful for every one who want to learn English fluently.

  242. Akanksha Bali

    Great author.

  243. Mitesh Bhattacharyya


  244. Nirmal Sahni

    Good book for a child

  245. Charlie Chandra Mani

    Help to understand the grammar nicely

  246. Parminder Basak

    Awesome book Thank u Amazon ??????

  247. Qabeel Mohan


  248. Monica Mehul Sethi

    Love it

  249. Prerna Baral


  250. Chameli Chauhan

    original book

  251. Hetan Biswas

    Good grammar book.

  252. Alpa Bahadur Venkatesh

    Very good book for English grammar & composition.

  253. Ankita Abhishek Morar

    this is very good for learners

  254. Ajay Lal Som


  255. Diya Mandal

    Good product

  256. Narayan Bhargava

    This Grammar & Composition is decidedly one of the best.

  257. Nakul Raj Narasimhan

    As expected

  258. Jagdish Rajendra Kapoor

    Nice binding and good book

  259. Lalit Jawahar Mahajan

    the book is really good?

  260. Darpan Talwar

    This book is helpful in grammar studying.

  261. Drishti Shan

    A must have grammar book for every child

  262. Dipti Gola


  263. Kabeer Pandit

    Good book

  264. Qabeel Magar

    It’s a nice book. thanks to amazon for timely delivery and cooperation

  265. Avantika Binoya Meda

    Perfect English Grammar companion. You need this book.

  266. Yamini Vikrant Gopal

    Good and standard book for grammer. Finally i bought.

  267. Anees Andra


  268. Ghanshyam Dasgupta

    One of the best english grammer book

  269. Sid Bhai Suri

    Found it useful for my grade 5 daughter

  270. Sirish Ram Pillai

    Latest edition is really very helpful and easy to understand..

  271. Smriti Vala


  272. Nishtha Devendra Anne

    Useful book

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  274. Umesh Rehman Mandal

    Nice. As it looks you get the same one.

  275. Owais Lachman

    Got delivered in 2 days.. Best book for English beginners..

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    Easy to understand

  277. Indrani Shashank Pathak

    Good for beginners

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  280. Neerendra Beharry

    It’s a very good book; Thankyou so much amazon!

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  282. Balaji Morar


  283. Trishana Vora

    It is a very good book for your child to learn grammar.

  284. Nalini Arya

    Very very nice book…it’s helping me a lot in language

  285. Kalyan Ram

    2 Good

  286. Nagma Anil Rama

    Actually helpful in terms of understanding the grammatical definitions of words to be used in a statement…

  287. Karim Chokshi

    Best English grammar book for beginners

  288. Nikita Prasad


  289. Hina Subhash Saran

    High level english used

  290. Prerna Dodiya

    Very helpful

  291. Ehsaan Deol


  292. Zara Bir

    useful to son

  293. Jack Singh Sura

    This book is having all the contents of grammar of higher secondary students

  294. Feroz Narang

    Ooo wow## amazing book. Don’t miss to buy it.

  295. Baldev Kale

    pack it well.

  296. Kamini Rattan

    Best book to learn grammer

  297. Savita Mohit Sachar


  298. Rita Ajinkya Narain

    usefull for school children.all about grammer answers for exercises.u have to buy another book for answers

  299. Atul Seshadri

    Nice one,, received product before time

  300. Sid Walla


  301. Ragini Chohan

    very good

  302. Anees Gokhale

    i love it really

  303. Varun Sirish Prakash

    Very good

  304. Devendra Peri

    Excellent book for improving grammer

  305. Kusum Rattan


  306. Charlie Krishna Padmanabhan

    Some pages of the book were folded. I get Quickly

  307. Sara Dutta


  308. Fatima Pirzada Bandi


  309. Nupoor Yogesh Ramachandran

    Nice book

  310. Mitesh Gokhale

    It’s a great book for English learning…….

  311. Aishwarya Munshi

    Best in the market..

  312. Urmi Radheshyam Wali

    Good and timely delivery.

  313. Basanti Dora

    Good book.wel service by Amazon.

  314. Himani Dora

    Ultimate book.Must read by everybody

  315. Vivek Kapoor

    Good one

  316. Iqbal Rao

    Not bad at all. Useful book.

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